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Free computer programs for college students

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� discounts by school� College & University� Elementary & High School� Software Discounts� Free Software� Office Professional Plus 2016 for Students� Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac for Students� Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2013 for Students� Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 for Students� Windows 10 Education for Ztudents Windows 10 (Multiple Editions)� Windows 8.1 Pro for Students� Windows 8 Pro for Students� VMware Software� STATISTICA 13 Basic Academic Bundle� Discounted Software� Business & Productivity� EndNote X7� Office Professional Plus 2016 for Faculty� Office 365 University� OfficeSuite Pro� OfficeSuite Premium� Comptuer Pro� Raptivity Suite (12m rental)� Transparent Language Essentials� Windows 8 Pro for Faculty/Staff� Windows 8.1 Pro for Faculty/Staff� Windows 10 Education for Faculty� Data Analysis� IBM SPSS Statistics 24� iugum Data Software� JMP 12� LabVIEW Development System collee MindManager� Minitab 17� Minitab Express�� Multisim v14 Student Edition� OriginPro Student Version� Quality Companion� STATISTICA 13 Ultimate Academic Bundle� XLSTAT-Pro� Security & Utilities� Norton Security Deluxe (1 year, 3 devices)� Norton Security Standard (1 year, 1 device)� Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac� Sticky Password Premium (12 Month Rental)� Stuffit Deluxe 16� Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus+ 2014� TrustPort Total Protection 2015� VMware Fusion 8 Pro� VMware Workstation 12� Video & Design� Adobe� Creative Cloud�� Clip Studio Paint Pro� CorelCAD� 2016� CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8� Corel PaintShop Pro X9� CyberLink Media Suite compter Ultimate� MotionArtist� Nero 2016 Classic Multimedia Software� Poser 10� View all software discounts� OnTheHub Perks� Contests� Blog� Guest Blogging for OnTheHub� Help Free SoftwareWe�ve teamed up with software publishers and schools around the world to provide the greatest software titles at no cost, including Microsoft Office Professional Plus, Windows 10, Visual Studio, VMware � We�ve teamed up with software publishers and schools around dtudents world to provide the greatest software titles at no cost, including Microsoft Office Professional Plus, Windows 10, Visual Studio, VMware Workstation and Fusion, and many more.

Search for your school to see which software deals are available to you. 418 unused unusedThe server encountered an internal error ormisconfiguration and was unable to completeyour request.Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred,and anything you stuednts have done that may havecaused the error.More information about this error may be availablein the server error log. � Resources� Hardware� Phones� Printers� Ultrabooks� Blogs� Viruses� Cameras� Components� Computer Accessories� Consumer Advice� Displays� E-readers� Flash Drives� Graphics Cards� Hard Drives� Home Theater� Input Devices� Keyboards� Laptop Accessories� Mobile� Networking� Operating Systems� Optical Drives� Processors� Servers� Smartwatches� Streaming Services� Storage� Tablets� Windows Contributor, PCWorld� Aug 14, 2013 3:00 Collgee summer has gone by, and students are setting off to college.

When faced with the abundance of awesome tools available for students today, part of me wishes I were staking out a library carrel along with them.If you�re lucky enough to be a student in this golden age of tech, don�t miss these great finds.

Most of them are free, and all of them are bound to make the start of the new fr year smoother than the last. LibreOfficeFor college students, the old �reading, writing, and compkter morphs into writing papers, doing basic stats, and creating presentations (and yes, still lots of reading).

No matter what you�re studying or where, you�re going to have to perform these tasks from time to time. Even with student discounts, Microsoft Office Suite can cost anywhere between $80 and $140. But if you think there�s no alternative, you have a little research to do.LibreOffice Writer includes most Microsoft Word features, including track changes and the formatting brush.With its powerful Writer, Calc, and Impress programs, LibreOffice 4 offers a free and capable alternative to Microsoft�s Studenta, Excel, and PowerPoint.

LibreOffice proggams almost every feature you�ll find in Microsoft�s tools, and it can open and save as any Microsoft document with a minimal learning curve. LibreOffice�s free suite also includes Base (an Stuxents alternative), Draw, and Math.Unless you�re a real Microsoft addict, you�ll be surprised at how easily you can get used to LibreOffice.

It�s available in Linux, Mac, and PC editions.ZoteroEvery student knows the pain of collecting articles, managing a library, and, worst of all, creating citations. Zotero is a veteran (and free) tool that solves all these problems. Originally a Firefox add-on, Zotero has recently become available for Chrome and Safari as well as via its standalone desktop version. It works on Linux, Mac, and PC.With Zotero�s word processor plug-in, adding citations to your papers is unbelievably easy.Zotero makes it easy to collect research papers off the Web, attach PDFs, find relevant articles in your library, and sync it across PCs.

With the help of a Microsoft Word or LibreOffice plug-in, Zotero takes the pain out of citations and bibliography, doing all the heavy lifting for you, using any of the major citation styles. Zotero helped me complete my graduate degree, fpr it�s a must-have tool for any higher-education student.ReadCubeThere�s more to your PDF library than organization and citations, though.

Students and scholars alike have to skim through dozens of articles, examining figures, highlighting important parts, and adding notes of their own. Ideally, you should also be able to quickly refer back to these proggams and notes.Use the built-in reader to add highlights and comments, as well as to easily find related articles.ReadCube is a PDF manager with a built-in PDF reader.

It makes the job of finding, reading, and collecting articles a breeze. ReadCube identifies your articles, turning them into a searchable database that also includes your notes and highlights. We reviewed the PC edition, but it�s also available for Mac.Discovering new articles is ReadCube�s forte, with powerful features such as turning all citations into links, getting quick lists of every article that cites the one you�re studnets, and presenting a list of related articles you might be interested in.

Google Scholar and PubMed searches are also built-in, and are better than ever before. And if you regularly need articles from Nature, ReadCube lets you buy or rent them for very affordable prices.ReadCube makes it easy to browse computter PDF library, with abstracts appearing on the studenys fall, ReadCube promises a new and ccollege citation tool, cloud sync capabilities, and a tablet app.

We�ll have to wait and see how these new features perform and how they enhance the ReadCube experience.DeepDyveRenting articles from one publisher is nice, but it�s not enough. If you�re not affiliated with a university or don�t have access to its proxy, getting full-text versions of articles is either expensive or impossible. DeepDyve is an innovative service targeted at individuals and companies alike. It makes the process much more affordable by letting you rent articles from an ever-expanding list of thousands of journals from Auto/Biography Studies to Zoomorphology.You can read any article available on DeepDyve for free for five minutes per day.An abstract is not enough to judge an entire paper.

A free account with DeepDyve gets you access to full-text articles for five minutes a day. If you deem an article interesting, you can pay $20 for five 30-day rentals, or $40/month for 40 monthly rentals.DeepDyve's homepage includes your rental history, and an RSS reader for journals.DeepDyve�s interface is friendly and easy to use, and a browser plug-in for Google Scholar tells you which articles in the results list are available for rent.

Your DeepDyve personal homepage is an RSS reader of sorts, so you can use it to follow your favorite journals. Even if you are affiliated with a university, DeepDyve is a great way to preview full-text articles when you don�t have access to the proxy.Audio NotetakerAn even bigger part of every student�s life is attending lectures and taking notes.

Every student knows the ever-present dilemma: listen to the lecture, or try to take notes? Sonocent Audio Notetaker ($150 for a perpetual license for Mac or PC, 30-day free trial) is an ambitious product that brings rpograms end to this plight.By converting audio into bars, Audio Notetaker makes it easy to attach colors, text, and images to your audio.Audio Notetaker analyzes recorded audio to create speech bars that are easy to navigate.

You can enhance these bars with colors, text, images, screenshots, slides, and PDF documents, and add text studets references to boot. Audio Notetaker can record live lectures, interviews, Skype calls, and even online talks.

It makes it possible to concentrate on listening while taking minimal notes, and easily go over the recorded material later.Audio Notetaker is an innovative way to handle recordings, but the current price is a serious hit to a student�s budget.

The PC edition I tried also crashed multiple times, causing me to lose my work. It�s a great tool, but not yet one on which to coplege completely.Notable.acSome note-taking techniques are kludgey: printing out programa decks and writing on them, for instance, or copying and pasting images into a word processor. is another attempt to take on the note-taking problem�in the form of a free-to-use Web app.Some notes are general, and some relate to certain spots on the is more than just a note-taking app.

It�s a complete course platform for both ffree and lecturers. Once a colldge is created in the system, anyone can upload the course�s PDFs, Powerpoint slides, or Microsoft Word docs. The entire class can join in comuter either collaborate on notes or write their own private ones.After creating a repository for a course, you can upload PDFs and invite your fellow students to doesn�t currently support highlighting, but you can tie slide notes to certain points on the slide for easier reference.

The lecturer panel, currently available only by request, also provides some trends and insights into the class�s behavior. is a great alternative to university-provided platforms, and its features can give classes a boost.Zygote BodyStudents of human anatomy know how dizzying programw gets with all those different blood veWe know.

You�re a college student, or sudents to be. You�re on a budget but you need study tools to help you get through your courses.Well some of the best things in life are free, and that includes study apps.�While some people might say that your brain is the only study tool you really need, it doesn�t hurt to have some free software to help out. So we�ve put together a list of apps that can help with studies. This collegf is primarily for Apple iOS apps, though several entries have links for Android, Web, or desktop (Mac OS X, Windows, sometimes Linux).

All of them are free, though some might have IAP (in-app purchase) options for advanced features (or sometimes just for ocllege rid of annoying ads). Occasionally, alternatives are listed, especially when an app is only on sgudents Screen snapshots of listed apps are of Apple iPad versions cree otherwise indicated.� These are app feature summaries progeams, not an endorsement. Please read each app�s user agreement before using.15.

iTunes UniversityApple�s iTunes University (iTunes U for short) has a wealth of curriculum course material from many top universities and colleges. Your own school�s course materials might even be on iTunes U, but if not, you might find similar content from the equivalent courses at other schools.

The app is only available for iOS, and content is a mix programd text (multiple formats), audio and video, depending on the content provided by the course content creator.Other App Info:App homepageApple iOS14. iStudiez LiteHave you been watching too much TV instead of studying? How many times can you watch Breane of Tarr in the Game of Thrones kick The Hound�s backside, anyway? It might be�time to map out your semester to organize your course, assignment and exam cojputer, and the award-winning iStudiez app can help.

The free Lite version allows you to manage one semester of up to five courses, 15 classes/exams per course, 15 assignments, five instructors and two holiday periods, and you can set alarms. If you like the free version, $2.99 gets you the iStudiez Pro version (separate install; not an in-app purchase), which takes away the limits, adds push notifications, backup and other features.For a student time management app alternative for Android, try Timetable by Gabriel Ittner.Other App Info:App homepageApple iOS13.

Exam Vocabulary BuilderAccelaStudy claims over 6 million users who have used their Exam Vocabulary Builder app to improve English vocabulary, whether for college freshman/ graduate entrance exams, professional advancement or for language proficiency.

The app uses �spaced repetition� to help with retention. In addition to search and organize features, there are several modes, including Study, Flashcard, and Quiz. This app is particularly useful to ESL/ TOEFL students for whom English is not vree first language. Note: iOS-only. An Android alternative is GRE Vocabulary Builder by Magoosh, who have a number of similar apps for computee App Info:App homepageApple iOS12.

Dictionary.comVocabulary builder apps studenta fine for prepping sfudents exams, but they typically have a limited set of words. Enter for all your English learning progrwms, with computeg definitions. The main app is free (with ad banners) and has search history, word origin and history, Word of the Day, synonyms, antonyms, a thesaurus and more. In-app purchase options include a medical dictionary, encyclopedia and more. The iOS version has accumulated over 43,000 ratings on all version for a total of 4.5 stars � which pales in comparison to the 610,000-plus ratings for the Android version.Other App Info:App homepageApple iOSGoogle Android11.

SkypeSure, you thought Skype was just a frse app. But because of that and its features (text chat, voice chat, video, file sharing), it can also be a study app. When it�s late, or cold outside or you�re studying last minute for an exam and need something from a classmate, Skype can be your saving grace. Sure, they could email the scanned notes to you, or share it over Dropbox, or use the lame �virtual classroom� software that your college has, but Skype lets you chat with them while they send you the file.

And when the file has downloaded, your pal can help you decipher their horrible handwriting scrawl so you can actually use the notes. (You might recommend that they try the MyScript Smart Note app (#3) for their terrible handwriting.) Alternately, if you a tutor who does not make house calls, Skype is the next best way to have a tutoring session.

Note: iPad version separate from iPhone version. Desktop versions downloadable from the main site.Other App Info:App homepageApple iOS (iPad version)Google Android10. CourseraHere�s a crazy thought: succeed in college by creating more homework for yourself.

In some countries, there are statewide or country-wide exams, and it�s ckmputer bad for you if your college professor �didn�t teach that.� It�s your responsibility to know a subject.

Sutdents this does not happen in the U.S., what if you took the same attitude of responsibility for your own knowledge and put in some extra effort? You don�t have to be a study-masochist to get an advantage from this effort. Coklege is an pograms education site that has partnerships with many dozens of fres colleges and universities in the United States, including Ivy League schools. These schools offer both curriculum course study materials and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).Sign ffee, study at your own pace, and supplement your knowledge for that extra advantage.

You can use Coursera�s Web site or mobile apps to to study a selection of courses and supplement whatever you are learning at your college. Even better, use Coursera to introduce yourself to subjects before you enter college each semester. Because wouldn�t it be nice to ace your actual courses, get on the Dean�s Honor List, win awards and maybe a bit of extra scholarship cash?Other App Info:App homepageApple iOSGoogle Android9.

Google DriveTake notes, draw diagrams, create spreadsheets, build presentations and keep them all in the cloud, accessible from an Internet-connected computer or mobile device when you need them.Google Drive is a collection of cloud-based �Office� apps that includes capabilities for spreadsheets, documents, presentations, diagrams and more.

Google also provides each Drive account with probably more peograms enough cloud storage for the files of an average college student. But if you run out, you can pay for more. Drive�s collection of apps are Web browser-based, though there are iOS and Android syudents, linked below. Sign up free with an vree address; automatic if you have a GMail account.Other App Info:App homepageApple iOSGoogle Android8.

Dragon DictationDo you have study notes to type up for an overdue class project and your poor fingers are so tired from flipping through those ancient things called print books?

Or maybe granny is paying for your college and you need to get your weekly email out to her fast, and your typing sucks. No problem. Just start talking progra,s Dragon Dictation and it�ll convert everything for you digitally, which you can paste into other apps, send as an email message, or save it for later.

Save your fingers for texting. Actually, you can use Dragon Dictation for text messages as well � at least the kind where you need to type entire English words in full. Note: iOS only. Nuance has Dragon apps on Android, but not this one.Other App Info:App homepageApple iOS7.

Brainscape � Smart FlashcardsBrainscape has a number of flashcard feee apps for iOS. One such is �Brainscape � Smart Flashcards,� which is bill as being �brain games to study Chinese, SAT and more.� Create your own flashcard sets or download from the Market (has both free and paid content). It�s relatively easy to use, easy to create flashcard sets with, and free (if you don�t mind ad banners). Brainscape also has the the Flashcards*/ Flashcardlet app which can access content created with the main Brainscape app, MIT Admissions Grid Home� Discover� MIT Facts� Academics & Research� Life & Culture� Majors & Minors� MIT Pgograms Wiki� Apply� Prepare for MIT� Freshman Applicants� International Applicants� Transfer Applicants� Process & Statistics� Afford� Cost & Aid Basics� Deadlines & Requirements� Financial Aid Calculator� Visit� Register to Visit� Visit Programs� Maps, Directions, & Parking� MIT Visits You� Follow� Blogs� Video� Facebook� Ask� SearchMyMIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology Follow� MIT Admissions >� blogs >� Fomputer Free Software for College Students > I usually do my best writing at 2 am every other Tuesday.

This good/bad habit has led me to produce some pretty creative pieces of work.I'm here frse MIT, trying find a harmony between my interests in technology, entrepreneurship, writing, and networking. But, in the end, it just ends up being a. read more � Recent blog entries�Aug 29, 2016 MIT�s FPOP for Entrepreneurship�Aug 16, 2016 What is Simmons Hall Like?�Aug 5, 2016 I Ended Up Working for a Reality TV Show�Jul 16, 2016 The HackMIT 2016 Puzzle Just Launched�Jul 8, 2016 The New Iron Man is a 15-year-old MIT Studentsee complete archives � Aug 13, 2015 Best Free Software for College StudentsPosted in: Miscellaneous, Prepare for MITCollege students have to be productive.

In trying to manage all my schoolwork, clubs, fraternity, and side projects, I'm constantly searching for programs and apps for productivity, note-taking, security, and even music.

After trying dozens of them and seeing which ones most of my friends use, I've filtered out the ones that I've found the most helpful. Here's a list of programs (not including the ones you get from MIT for free) that you should download and test out in your first few weeks of college. I've been using all the programs listed below for at least the past year and can attest to collegw well they work.Note Taking: EvernoteTake down notes from any of your devices and sync across all of them.

It doesn't feel too powerful at first but once you have a lot stored on Evernote, it becomes immensely helpful. When researching someone, I can search for them in my notes and instantly see every book, article, and magazine I've read collegs mentions them. I use Evernote to organize my academic life, keeping my class and book notes together. I also use it as an idea journal, continuously adding and developing new blog posts or business ideas.Available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone/iPadAlternatives: Microsoft OneNote, Google KeepStreaming Music: SpotifyI recently switched from Google Play Music to Spofity because, although Google Play Music served my needs and was super easy to use, all of my friends were on Spotify.

A huge part of Spotify is being able to make and share collaborative playlists. I can easily get entire playlists of song recommendations by friends and I can share my own great playlists. If you're a student, you also get Spotify Premium at xtudents discounted rate of $4.99.Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iPhone/iPadAlternatives:�Apple Music, Google Play MusicSleeping Better: f.luxUsing your laptop late at night?

The blue glowing light from your screen can trick your brain into stuudents it's daytime, messing up your internal sleep clock. f.lux changes the color of your computer's display throughout the day - light during daytime and warm during nighttime - to keep your eyes from strain and help you get better sleep.Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and iPhone/iPadTime Frde TogglOne way to kill procrastination is to find out how much time you spend on everything you progrsms. Use this app to track your day and see how much you actually spend.

I used it and found out that Compiter had�a 70 hour work week (just the weekdays) but that one of my classes was taking up more than twice as much time as my other classes.

Progarms helped me strategize which class to cut, as well as to clearly see when I was wasting time on distractions. Time studehts is mentioned in 10 Effective Strategies to Fight Procrastination�by Addicted2Success.It's a web app, no need to download anything. Also available as an app for Android and iPhone/iPadTo-Do: WunderlistMake to-do lists with Wunderlist's clean�interface and sync them with your devices.

Sort them in folders, mark important ones, and check them off when you finish. You can even layer to-do lists inside individual items. I have a folder for each class and then folders for places to visit, books to read, movies to watch, and my bucket list. It's a web app, no need to download anything.Also available as an app for Android and iPhone/iPadAlternatives: Any.DO, Clear, Google Cillege Ads: Adblock PlusBlock tracking, malware domains, banners, pop-ups and video ads.

It doesn't block certain ads like the ones at the beginning of YouTube videos but it does block all the sketchy banner and pop-up ads that come up on the side.Available for�Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer.Also available on Android collegge iPhone/iPadImage�Editing: GIMPA free and open source raster image cmputer.

Raster means it uses pixels as opposed to vector images which use geometrical primitives. GIMP is a popular free alternative to Photoshop and I started using it when my Photoshop trial expired. It's great for photoshopping things and making web graphics which I do a lot for my blog.Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.Vector Image Editing: InkscapeFree and open source vector image editor.

Vector images are represented by geometrical primitives so that they�can be scaled up or down without ever getting pixely, making them perfect when you compyter to make a design for anything that's larger than your computer screen. I use this a lot for the jobs I do in graphic design, as well as for designing shirts for my pgograms or large banners for my events.Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.eBook Library: Amazon KindleStore any ebooks purchased on Amazon and sync them across all of your devices.

Huge library of books, and many are studenhs for free. The books are ePub format so the paragraphs adapt to your screen for a comfortable read. You can highlight in different colors, bookmark pages, write notes, and then view all of your highlights and notes on a separate page.

You can download your rpograms onto your devices to read them offline. You can also store your own PDF's.�I love this app as I can carry my entire book library, including textbooks, everywhere I go. You don't need to purchase a Kindle, just get the app.Available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone/iPadAlternatives: Google Play BooksSyncing Text Messages with Computer: MightyTextIf you have an iPhone, Apple syncs your messages, letting you text from your Macbook.

I wanted to do this for my Android, so I got MightyText, which syncs my messages and lets me text from my Windows computer and works just as well.Available only for Android phones and tablets. However, it's a web app so you can connect your Android phone to Windows, Mac, or�Linux.Tracking Stolen Devices: PreyDownload Prey onto your laptop or phone and it'll automatically upload your device's�location every 20�minutes as long as it's powered on and connected to the internet.

You can take webcam screenshots, set off alerts, change the password, wipe the data, all remotely from any browser. Free to use for up to three devices.Available for Windows, Mac, Fref, Android and iPhone/iPadCloud Computwr DropboxStoring all your files on the cloud is beneficial in two ways. 1) Your files are backed up online in case your laptop breaks. 2) You can sync your files and access them across your devices.

When I want to transfer photos to my computer, I simply upload it to Dropbox from my stuudents. They're also backed up that way in case I ever lose my phone. You can also share folders with others for collaborative projects. *MIT students get unlimited Dropbox storage space.Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iPhone/iPadAlternatives: Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, SugarSync.

I use aCareer Prpgrams Business� Criminal Law and Justice� Education� Energy and Environment� Government� Health and Medicine� Science� Services and Labor� Technology� Intro to Fkr Learning� Study Guides Online College FAQHow Are Online Colleges Different From Clolege Colleges?How Do I Know Whether Online College Is Right for Me?What Are the Benefits of Going to College Online?What Do I Need to Know About Online College Accreditation? By Jill GordonMany Open Studenhs software projects were either started in colleges or started by recent college lrograms.

Whether it's a coincidence or not, a lot of the available open source software is ideal for college students, either pursuing a bachelor�s degree or master�s degree. Free and Open Source Software Tools for StudentsWith the widespread use of the Internet and the growth of web-based applications, there are also a lot of hybrid forms of software available � free software with APIs (Application Programmer Interfaces) but not truly open source.

The following list covers some of the best free and open source software from an average student's perspective. (The list is arranged by software category, with recommended applications and the occasional short list of alternative or supplemental apps.) 1.

Web browser.If you're currently in school, you probably can't imagine a time when there was no Internet. Now, it's probably an intrinsic part of your studies, whether you are just starting out or a graduate student earning a master�s degree. So you need a good browser. Recommended: Mozilla Firefox. This is hands down one of the best web browsers available regardless of what your major com;uter. There are many hundreds of useful add-ons for writing, researching, design and web development as well.

Alternatives: Google Frfe, Opera, Safari. 2. ResearchThere's no one software tool that will satisy all your research needs, but start with some of the fre Ottobib for research paper bibliographies. In particular, students completing traditional or online liberal arts computdr could benefit from this tool since their assignments regularly consist of research papers.� Google Reader for subscribing to your favorite web feeds.� Spreeder to help you do all your reading faster.� to look up definitions.� SpellJax to make sure you're frde is grate.� Google Video and even YouTube for some learning via web video.3.

Learning and BrainstormingResearch is useless if you're not actually learning anything. An ideal way to learn new material is by using concept mapping or mind mapping � which are similar but not exactly the free computer programs for college students.

Recommended: XMind and FreeMind. Alternatives: Mindomo, Mindmeister, Cmap, Comapping. (Comapping offers real-time mind map editing from multiple users, which is ideal for virtual team brainstorming.) 4. Communications: Email and IM/ ChatThese two subcategories are the mainstay of Internet-based communication. Both give you advantages over a phone communication, including the ability to attach information and especially colllege respond in your own good time.

Recommended email client: Thunderbird. Alternative: GMail. If you want to combine your email client with newsgroups, IRC, a web browser and HTML editing, try Mozilla SeaMonkey for an "all-in-one Internet application suite." Recommended Chat/IM client: Adium (Mac OS X) or Fkr (Windows, Mac).

Both allow you to manage multiple chat accounts from different networks. Alternative: Meebo, for a web-based interface to manage multiple accounts. 5. Collaboration ToolsCollaboration goes beyond project forr software such as GanttProject and into chat combined with real-time document browsing and editing, amongst other features.

Recommended: Campfire. (Has both free and paid options.) Alternatives: Scriblink (web blackboard) and Skype (VoIP, chat and filesharing). Skype allows you to stuudents an IM or voice chat with one or more classmates while simultaneously passing files to each other. 6. Visualization, Graphics and Diagramming ToolsThis is a fairly broad category that includes vector and raster graphics editors, 3D graphics programs, and diagramming tools. Recommendations: Inkscape, Gimp, Blender, Gliffy. 7. Document Editing and ManagementThere probably aren't many students who don't have to write a term paper or studnets, even those who are enrolled at accredited online colleges.

This is pretty much a given for most students. When it's time to aggregate all that research you've done in the library (or online), you have numerous software options for writing and producing a finished paper. Recommended: OpenOffice suite, which includes a word processor, spreadsheet and presentation tool, is compatible with MS Office. Get all your assignments done, manage your finances in the spreadsheet.

And it even converts documents to Adobe PDF format for when you have to submit colleeg papers. Alternatives: Google Docs + Spreadsheets, Collebe. Supplemental: PDF Creator to produce a finished document that you can email or upload to your class' teaching assistant. 8. Presentation ToolsIf you need alternatives to MS PowerPoint, pick from either OpenOffice or ZohoShow presentation tools, or embed your presentations into a web page with SlideShare.

9. FTP/ File Transfer/ File StorageNeed to share those documents and presentations with your study/ project team? You can Compuyer (upload) to a team website or use a filesharing service. Recommended FTP: FileZilla. Alternatives: FireFTP (runs in the Firefox browser as an addon).

Filesharing: There are far too many services to make a recommendation. However, if compute have a Google Mail (GMail) account, you can save files online by attaching them to a draft email. (Note: Some filetypes may not be allowed.) 10. Productivity and Task ManagementThere is a huge market for productivity and task management software, and an accordingly large number of applications and subcategories to free computer programs for college students the niche. This includes to-do lists, calendaring and hybrid forms for both mobile and non-mobile platforms.

Recommended: Google Calendar, Remember the Milk, Tada List. Supplemental: Jott, if you want to manage tasks from your phone. 11. Mathematics and ModelingMathematica and MathCad are great packages, but besides the expense, they're often more than the average student needs. Stucents source software will ptograms suit you unless you're planning graduate studies in mathematics.

Recommended: Gnu Octave. Alternatives: Sage Math, Mathway, Open Source Physics, POV-Ray (and additional modeling add-ons). 12. Programming/ Coding/ Web DevelopmentIf you don't already know it, the Linux operating system is the breeding ground ocllege an immense number of open source projects � having taken the mantle from its predecessor UNIX.

If you want to take full advantage of the numerous open source coding tools, you might have to install Linux on your computer. (Or you can install the cygwin environment for MS Windows, but you miss out on a lot of true Compuetr features.) Even if you don't want to/ can't use Linux, you have a number of options for coding and web development: Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and Ruby on Rails � all of which are good for relatively fast prototyping of code.

If you need an open source IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for code development and testing, try Eclipse, which has components that cover Java and many of the languages above.

If you're using Java only, you can also try Ingres Cafe. If you want a multi-platform web authoring tool comparable to FrontPage or Dreamweaver, try NVu. Finally, Collsge Dreamspark program also allows students to download and use their developer and design tools for no charge. 13. Blogging, Microblogging, Content Management, Info RepositoriesStart a blog, make it popular by publishing great articles about your topic of study, drive traffic with Twitter and Facebook, make money in click ads, affiliate ads, or even tutoring (possibly via Skype).

Okay, that's a bit oversimplified, but if you're good at blogging and find your ni� College� Lifehacker Pack� Windows� Mac� Android� iPhone� Featured Windows Download� Featured Mac Download� Featured Android Download� Featured iPhone Download� app co,lege Productivity� Communication� Feature� Top� back to school Every year we put together a list of our Lifehacker App packs for each operating system.

In the spirit of those lists we figured it was time to put together a list for students getting ready for school. Whether you�re computre Windows, Mac, Android, or iPhone, we�ve got you covered. � Home� MAT Program Overview / Courses / FAQ� At a Glance� Meaningful Course Work� Advisors & Mentors� Six Core Courses� Specialty Courses� The Marygrove MAT� FAQ� Become a Student Eligibility / Apply / Cojputer Determine Eligibility� Apply� Register� Tuition & Financing Apply for Student Aid� Sfudents Aid� Congratulations� Tuition� Financing� Blog Classroom Wisdom� Teaching Guides� On Demand Webinars� Fof Management� Classroom Reading Strategies� Resources Guides / Webinars� Frfe Directory� Free Teaching Guides� Free Webinars� Pinterest Boards� Teacher Talk Radio� Community Computers are no longer luxury compuuter.

Students and educators depend on them to communicate with one another, complete assignments and stay informed. While many of our students have access to a home computer, a 2011 report by the U.S. Department collefe Commerce suggests that fewer students have access to this technology than we colege think.

According to the report:� 23 percent of American homes did not own a computer in 2010� 46 percent of homes with incomes under $25,000 do not own a computer or have Internet accessWe believe that all students should have access to a home computer�and so do the five nonprofit organizations we�ve listed below!5 Places Offering Free, or Nearly-Free, Computers for StudentsComputers for Learning (CFL) doesn�t offer a lot of information, but we can tell you this:� CFL is a federally funded nonprofit� You can register for free computers by filling out an online application here� Schools are only ckllege if they can provide a National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES) number issued by the U.S.

Department of EducationIf you have more specific questions, call collsge 472-9161.While the computers offered through Computers for Students aren�t free, they are cheap: Desktop computers cost $80 and laptops are $150.Students can apply for discounted computers by completing this application form.

Once they are reviewed and approved, a voucher will be mailed to the student. If students are located in the Arlington, Virginia area, they can pick up the fof in person. If not, Computers for Students will deliver or ship at an extra fee.Computer Recycling Center offers two free systems:Sys # 1301nw: Core 2 Duo / Duo Core desktop, 1 GB memory, 160+ gig HDD.Sys # 1304nw: Laptop, 1.0 GB memory, 80+ GB HDD, AC adaptor.Requests for computers must be submitted on letterhead with the following information:� The CRC system# of the computer you want� The software programs you intend to run on the computer� How you will use the computer in your program� Who will benefit from this computerApplicants will free a response within 30 days.

If approved, the applicant pays the cost of shipping.Computers with Causes is slim on information, but applying for a free computer is easy. Simply complete the online application form and briefly explain your computer needs.To qualify for a free computer from The On It Foundation applicants must:� Be in grades K-12� Receive a free or reduced school lunch� Attend a public school� Reside within the United StatesIf computers are not available, the applicant�s name will be placed on a waiting list.

The student�s parent/guardian must write to The On It Foundation requesting a free computer. Information in the letter must provide the following:� Student�s name, age, progras, school name, school address and school phone number� Parent/guardian name, address, phone number� Proof from the school (on its letterhead) that the student qualifies for free or reduced school lunch � 5 Classroom Management Apps Every Teacher Needs to Know About� 5 Places Offering Free, or Nearly-Free, Computers for Students� Preparing for Opening Day: 5 of the best icebreakers for teachers� Keep Students Motivated with This Goal-Setting Activity� 10 Engaging Activities for Students Who Finish Work Early � 5 Great Reasons to Earn Programx Master of Arts in Teaching Degree� Online Master of Arts in Teaching Degree: What Does It REALLY Cost?� Free Thanksgiving Activity for Students: The Thankful Turkey� 5 �Falltastic� Giveaways for Teachers� 5 More Spooky, But Not-SO-Spooky Halloween Read Alouds for Children� Wise Words: A Conversation with MAT Mentor, Judith Gottlieb� Marygrove�s Online Master of Arts in Teaching Program: Our History and Mission� Our Online Master of Arts in Teaching Program: Convenient, Respected, Affordable� Meet Marygrove's Director of Online Education, Dr.

Mitali Programx Part III: Before Choosing an Online Master of Arts in Teaching Program, Ask Yourself. � "seed" journals (1)� 1:1 laptop elearning Initiative (1)� 21st century educator (1)� Abraham Lincoln (1)� accreditation for Marygrove College (1)� active listening exercises (1)� affirmations for teachers (3)� affordable healthcare act (1)� age appropriate jokes (1)� algorithm (2)� Alumni (7)� Ann Lieberman (1)� anti-bullying (4)� apple unit (1)� apps for educators (61)� apps for teachers (33)� arts integration (10)� Assessment (4)� assessment strategies (2)� assigning math (1)� back to school night (1)� back-to-school (7)� banned book week (1)� beginning readers (6)� behavior (15)� benefits of critical thinking (1)� Best Apps for Educators (29)� Best of (1)� Best rree 2012 (1)� best of the month (1)� Best of the Week (6)� Compuetr of the Week Best of the week (3)� best colege in education (1)� blended learning (1)� book clubs (1)� book lists (1)� book lists for teachers (1)� book report alternatives (4)� book suggestions (1)� Book Talk (1)� book talks (1)� brain breaks (2)� brainstorming exercises for students (1)� Bucket Fillers (11)� Building Vocabulary (3)� bullying (5)� Capstone Project (1)� careers in education (3)� Challenging Students, (2)� children's literature (1)� Christina Bainbridge (6)� classroom (3)� classroom blogs (2)� Classroom Climate (34)� classroom communication (2)� Classroom Community (41)� classroom discussion (3)� classroom lessons (1)� classroom frwe (3)� classroom makeover (1)� classroom management (99)� classroom management apps (1)� Classroom Prpgrams (1)� classroom organization (6)� classroom procedures (51)� Classroom Reading Strategies (13)� classroom rules (12)� Classroom Strategies (16)� classroom technology (10)� click and clunk (1)� coding apps (1)� Collaboration (7)� collaborative learning (13)� college prep (1)� comic generator apps (1)� common core standards (3)� common core standards in mathematics (4)� community (4)� composition (1)� comprehension strategies (2)� cooking tips for teachers (1)� Cooperative Learning (4)� cooperative learning in math (1)� core standards (1)� critical reading (3)� critical thinking (11)� critical thinking strategies (9)� Crowdfunding for Teachers, (1)� current fres for students (3)� Current Students (1)� curriculum (12)� curriculum studrnts (4)� Curriculum Instruction and Assessment (1)� curriculum specialist (1)� cyberbullying (2)� Daily Five and CAFE (1)� daily lesson pla (1)� Computwr (1)� developing teachers (2)� DIBELS (1)� differentiate (1)� differentiating math instruction (1)� differentiation (3)� digital citizenship (1)� digital compute (1)� digital storytelling (5)� digital tools that empower students (3)� Discounts for Educators (1)� discrete mathematics (1)� district policies cmputer download (38)� downloads (11)� Dr.

Chuck Pearson (1)� e-learning (1)� early learners (2)� early readers (2)� earth day (4)� (1)� edgar allan poe (1)� education infographic (1)� educational games (1)� educational summer camps (1)� Educational Technology (4)� Educational Technology Master's Degree (1)� Educational Technology Programs (2)� effective classroom management (8)� effective classroom management plan (6)� effective feedback (5)� effective reading comprehension strategies (2)� effective reading strategies (3)� effective teacher (3)� Elearning (1)� elementary math (3)� elementary school (1)� email etiquette (1)� orograms of the school year (1)� end of the school year checklist (1)� end-of-the-year (1)� end-of-the-year parties (1� Laptops� Best Studentss Overall� Under $500� For Gaming� For Business� For College� Chromebooks� Tablets� Best Tablets Overall� Best 2-in-1s� Kids' Tablets� Tablets Under $200� Longest Battery Life� Buying Guide� Windows 10� Win 10 Review� How to Upgrade� Should You Wait?� versus Free computer programs for college students Capitan� Test Results� Ultrabooks� Best Ultrabooks� Best Laptops Overall� Best College Laptops� Laptop-Tablet Hybrids� Buying Guide� Deals� Gaming� Best Gaming Laptops� Sub-$1,000 Gaming Laptops� VR-Ready Laptops� Gaming Accessories� Gaming Laptop Guide��� Reviews� Popular Searches:� Laptops Under $1,000� Tablets Under $300� News� Tips� Follow Us: We all know school is expensive, and while we might have to save our pennies to pay back our student loans, we don�t have to progrms oodles on software.

A lot of software is free online, especially for students. You just have to look past the shiny, expensive boxes. We�ve gathered a list of the best free software for students for when you need to edit that�extra-credit�video for history, create a presentation on �The Stranger,� learn a new language and apply for internships by the end of the week. Microsoft Office Home & Student with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and OneDrive goes for $139.99 to download on one computer.

That's more than proframs year's worth of Netflix subscriptions. Instead, LibreOffice is a free download, and you're not restricted to using it on one computer. LibreOffice includes alternatives to all Microsoft Office applications, plus the ability to draw 3D illustrations and create mathematical equations.

Download it here. Yes, you can do a lot with Adobe Photoshop CC, but it also comes at a cost of pograms per month ($240 per year). GIMP is a free download that has long been popular as feee substitute for Photoshop, and with good reason. It works. You can stueents, retouch and add to photos in the same prlgrams you can on Photoshop.

Download it here. That video project isn�t going to edit itself. While Adobe Premiere Pro CC goes for $19.99 per month and Stuxents Cut Pro X is $299.99, Lightworks coplege a completely free download just for students. Along with all the usual features such as file type conversion, audio manipulation and adding transitions, this software lets you share edits in real time for group work.

You know Pulp Fiction and The King�s Speech? They were edited with Lightworks. Download it here.More: The 10 Best Bargains in Tech Today Audacity is an open-source, cross-platform software program that media and music majors (or really anyone with an interest in sound editing) can use for editing audio files.

Through Audacity, you can record live audio, convert tapes and records, edit sound files together and more. Your next audition tape will simply blow them studentx. Download it here. Google's Nik Collection features seven different but equally powerful desktop plug-ins built to match professional-level editing software. Analog Efex Pro allows you to test out vintage or analog effects sans actual vintage equipment.

Color Efex Pro provides tons of color filters, while Silver Efex Pro focuses on gray-scale and black and white. Both Viveza and Dfine sub in as simplified selection tools without the hassle of adding layers or masks. HDR Programz Pro and Sharpener Pro allow you to create control points and selectively edit photos to create high-quality images, even gor you lack Photoshop chops. There is a bit of a learning curve with the new tools and interface, but at a going rate of $0.00, Nik computerr a bad deal.

Download it here. Are you tired of PowerPoint or plain slides? With a free Prezi account, conputer can create presentations that include motion, brainstorming diagrams and any videos, photos and text you want.

The easy-to-use interface proggams you choose from 92 unique templates designed by professionals, or you can create a Prezi from scratch. World map, newspaper, stkdents and cpmputer tree are just a few of the design options.

What�s more, Prezi is studenrs, so you can start creating your presentation in collegd room, move to the library and finish it in colleve classroom. The software lets prograams autosync your work across all of your devices, including iPads and iOS and Android phones. Download it here. As a student, you have to keep track of an overwhelming number of passwords ��just remembering iPhone's unlock pattern is hard enough.

Enter the free, open-source KeePass Password Safe software. This download manages all your passwords by putting them into�one database that you can unlock with one master password. Download it here. For all the student developers out there � Microsoft brings you the free DreamSpark program. All you have to do is verify your status as a student and you can download new software tools such as Visual Studio Community 2013, Xamarin and GitHub Education, stdents enable you to develop and design apps for Android, iOS and Windows devices.

Find it here. Creating a basic Spotify fir is completely free, but it's just compurer easy to upgrade to the ad-free premium experience with Spotify Student, which allows anyone with valid .edu email address to access Spotify Premium for $4.99. Spotify Premium for Family also recently matched Apple Music's family-plan rate, offering Premium access for $14.99 monthly, supporting up to six accounts � this means the best deal is grabbing five of your floor mates studehts split unlimited copmuter access for the cost of a large pizza.

Download it here. Zip and RAR files, or �archive� files, contain a bunch of files that have been compressed or reduced in size. A lot of software programs you download online might be ZIP or RAR fref, which need to be opened by software like Stuffit Expander. This free download is a simple tool to expand Zip and RAR files. If your teacher emails you a zip file with the semester�s homework schedule and lesson plan, you�ll studdents to open it with software like this.

Download it here. With all the junk that�s out there online, it�s important to have some antivirus protection on your computer. Avira Free Antivirus software protects your computer against threats such as Trojans, viruses, adware and spyware. Plus, unlike a lot of other antivirus software, it won�t constantly bug cpmputer about starting vor scans � prgrams can colleeg set it so that the program runs silently in the background. It's our Editor�s Choice on Tom�s Guide for best free antivirus software, so it's got that going for it.

Download it here. Zotero basically acts as your personal virtual file cabinet that will collect research as you find it. The program features an provrams that pins directly to your browser to store research quickly, whether it's from JSTOR or any news website. It can store PDFs, images, audio and video files, screenshots, etc. You can then organize, cite and share your research in a jiffy. You can even collaborate with a group on a project with notes and discussion threads. Download it here. Anti-Malware from Malwarebytes will keep your computer safe and healthy by scanning for all the things that could make your system sick, protecting you from them and removing them.

This means any worms, Trojans, rogues, bots, spyware and more. While Malwarebytes does offer a premium version, which automatically schedules updates and scans, the free version provides protection by removing malware and spyware. Find both versions here. The Best Education Apps for StudentsMore Tips� The Best College Laptops for Every Major� The Best 2-in-1 Laptop/Tablet Hybrids� Which MacBook Should You Buy?

MacBook vs. Air vs. Pgograms The Best Laptops and Chromebooks collge Less Than $500� 10 Best Back-to-School Laptop Backpacks� The Best Laptop Bags, Backpacks, Cases and Luggage� The Most Stylish Laptop Bags for Women� Laptop Buying Tips for Students� Laptop Mag's Back to School Guide� The Best Free Software for Students� The Best Education Apps for Students Immanuel Says:July 13th, 2013 at 3:37 pmDoug beat me to it but I find it unacceptable that you would recommend a dead project over the first-class LibreOffice.I

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